My ability to be cause, also in very difficult situation, is usually available. In these months I experienced a lot of "limit" situations and I've always win. My postulates usually becomes true in 1 or 2 days. One day I decided I needed a work. It was Saturday evening. I applied some job advertisement Sunday evening. Wednesday or Thursday I had my unique job interview, where I declared my condition, and I get the job (I had a very good curriculum as Computer Scientist). During the first Expanded Dianetics sessions I understood that I could start again my Drum Graduation and so I did it. My ability on playing the drums was growing more and more at every session. If I compare my actual study velocity with the past, now I am incredibly swift. My auditing adventures is very strange, because I started with an old Church Auditor, doing altered grades 0, 1, 2 and then SecCheck. But now I can say that the happiness of being more and more free of my compulsions is priceless. I am happy "present" free from sadness, free from fears, free from my old "terror shivers". I am aware that there's a huge amounts of processes that are waiting for me but I can say that I am very satisfied of this level of operativity. I am perfectly aware of how much "crazy" I was. I feel very responsible and I work in peace, without any fears of failures. When I have to travel I am "too much" in the present: I prepare my bag the same day I have to leave. I am very proud of my case level, I have been able to postulate also for my friends. I made very special presents changing the reality of the people around me. With auditing I lost a lot of mechanics behaviors. It would too long to list all the stupid-automatics things I used to say/do. Now I am a better musician, a better man, a better companion, a better friend, a better spirit, a better sportive, a better computer scientist. I know that I can be what I want. I proved to my self. I decided to practice a very extreme sport ( parkour), I tried to develop an artistic side doing drawings, I build little wood houses. In every field I saw my limits and I saw them disappearing, one by one, with sessions. The road is long, I am aware of other limits, but I KNOW that, with web-auditing, I will become perfectly able as I wish. Maх from EU, april 2016

Hi everyone, I'd like to report my first success with Assists. The specialist was Maxim, the process was conducted over Skype. The situation: Max had agreed to give me a trial session early Sunday morning December 27th, but when I awoke that morning I awoke with a fairly strong headache. Max, undaunted by this, offered to try to find a relevant Assist for headaches. He ran two processes, "Running Pleasurable Moments" and an "Effort Processing Assist." I found I couldn't really do much with the first process; I realized right away that I don't have too many recent experiences that I would categorize as 'pleasurable moments'. So he switched to Effort Processing which consisted of his alternating the commands "give me the effort to have a headache" and "give me the effort to not have a headache". In less than an hour I was free of my headache, and I came away with a renewed interest in getting to the bottom of just why it is I get these headaches in the first place. Thank you Max for your assistance, your concern, and most of all for giving me my first REAL experience of Assists and Dianetics. Best, Herb Chicago, 2010.


Hi all! Today I’ve completed L-10 Rundown!!! I want to tell you about my wins on L-10. This is magic level! I don’t know what to say to describe what I feel and aware as OT!!! Earlier I limited myself in much things, I limited myself from different actions and deeds. I became free from that limiter on L-10. I limited myself so far as that it was impossible to do even good deed, not just bad act. It was possible to get stroke at any dynamic! My postulates begin to work more quickly!!! Now I can change life as I need – but not adapt to life!!! My dynamics have become more effective and able, for few session a lot of problems was handled! Earlier I would needed years for achieving some purposes – and now I need only hours! No matter where man is – if he just talk with me, he invariably get solution for his problem!!! No matter this problem is!!! I’m happy! Thanks to my auditor Elena for providing of this Level! May 2009.


L-11 Hi All!!! Well, I’ve get one more achievement!!! Hurrah! I’ve completed my L-11!!! I have really awared that I begin New Life after all handling on whole track!!! This is really tremendous level!!! My abilities have rehabilitated and new life is waiting for me! Processing OT levels + L-rundowns = Power of OT right now!!! I feel that I became powerful being! I can freely create and get any experience and knowledge without MEST universe. It’s cool!!! Data and knowledge from whole track restores and this is fantastically!!! I’ve become Free from undesirable Effects. It’s connected with much things, especially with inflow. I’ve awared that I can have influence on people’s space by changing my space! It’s just WOW! I don’t know what to say to describe my gratitude to my auditor Elena and to LRH!!! Thetan’s Big Thanks! June 2009.


L-12 Hi all! I’ve completed my L-rundowns!! It's so much powerful and conceptual level that I got huge amount of cognitions and wins. It was great - since first HCOB and finishing by processing. My understanding has become really conceptual; there are no comm lags in any universe! My space become clear and free from all things that prevent me to be powerful thetan. My infinite gratitude to my specialist Lebedeva Elena and to all my friends! Now I realize myself Cause more. Exteriorization is more stable. From this tremendous level life has begun «in full sail». Dynamics expand and life becomes like what I want life be. Thank you! June 2009.


Web processing - A Reality now in the Freezone. Assist can happen with you right at home!!!! Yes, it happened to me! One day I called an auditor on the phone, I set up an account in Skype and bought a web camera and the other day I was in session!!! So processing over long distance can occur and under the current condition of Scientology and the state the world is in, it IS the only solution for Technology. No orgs, no tracks of sessions, nothing. People can go free at home. If the world is going mad over economics, if the suppressives try to isolate man and handle him as an individual, which is easier, the solution is WEB Auditing. There are few WEB Auditors right now but I am sure there are more coming. There can also be a hat of a web auditor and that is what LRH would do. Train people to audit over a long distance so you can get in session right at home. The Bridge is more real now than ever. No church, no SPs, no government can stop WEB Auditing since there are going to be thousands of sessions going on around the world. That will drive them crazy. I encourage every auditor in the Freezone. Theo, Athens, 2009.



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